Therapeutic Massage 

For injury treatment or pure relaxation, this massage can be customized depending on  the clients needs. A combination of modalities are used including basic relaxation, neuromuscular therapy, cupping, Thai herbal compress and fascia release to reduce stress, increase circulation and address any muscular imbalances. 

 Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is great for everyone, including cyclists, runners, skiers, sledders, horsemen and those looking for increased flexibility. Traditional Thai Massage consists of passive stretching similar to yoga postures. Sometimes called Thai Yoga Massage, this modality is practiced on a Thai Massage floor mat. Wear loose comfortable clothing for this session.

Thai Herbal Compresses

Thai Herbal Compresses have been used in Thailand as part of their traditional medicine for over 1000 years. These amazing compresses are steamed and applied to the body to help warm areas. They can help soften tight muscles and decrease inflammation. Thai herbal compresses aid in soothing muscles and pain.


Cupping helps to release tight fascia in the body as well as aiding in drawing out toxins and access heat.

 Prenatal Massage

For the well being of momma’s during any stage of pregnancy. Massage is performed in a side-lying position with support from bolsters and pillows. Emphasis is placed on relaxation, relieving low back and hip discomfort.

 Chair Massage

 Clothed and seated on a special massage chair, this massage is perfect for on site special events or those unable to get on and off a table.

Couples Massage

With your loved one or friend, enjoy a relaxing massage side by side by the warm glow of a fireplace. Each partner will have their own therapist working with them. This allows partners to experience massage together. Couples sessions must be booked in advance, please contact Sue for more information.

Expedition Massage

Whether you are rafting down a river or on a cycling tour, Sue is equipped to join your expedition. Contact Sue to plan for your parties needs.

* The following massage modalities may be used depending on each clients need: Cranio-sacral, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sports massage, Neuro-muscular therapy and advanced deep tissue.

Massage Rates (in office)

60 min-  $85

90 min-  $120

Couples Massage Rates

60 min- $220

90 min- $300

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